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Posted by classy_ass_lass on 2007.10.06 at 16:57
Hello. My name is Kara Marie, and I just started this community after seeing some requests for one in another community I'm a member of. I wanted to create a community to include both vegetarian and vegan parents. We're all doing what we think is best for our children, and I'm sure can use some support from other parents with similar views. I am hoping that we get a good number of active members. I am very interested to learn more about raising a veggie kid, and eventually be able to help other parents/parents to be.

Now to introduce myself...I'm twenty-two, single, live in Oklahoma City, OK, and am 17w6d pregnant with my first and only child.  I went vegetarian in eighth grade, and eventually went vegan in May of 2004. I didnt have any plans to  have children, but knew if for some reason I ever did I would raise them vegan as well. Majority of my family and friends are not veg*etari*an, so I wasnt sure what to expect when it was made known I intended to remain vegan throughout my pregnancy, and raise my child vegan as well. I was very happy when I found out that everyone was very supportive. My best friend who lives a few states away even went onto www.veganessentials.com and ordered some vegan prenatal vitamins to be shipped to my house =). The next event that made me nervous in regards to reactions was my first Dr appointment. I was again happy to hear my Dr. say that my lifestyle/diet didnt concern him, and that he has found "that most people with an alternative diet are fairly educated on what nutrients they're needing, and how they can get them". Since I'll have to continue to work full time to keep a roof over our heads I've even found a home daycare provider that is pro breastfeeding, assured me my childs diet will be treated like an allergy "if they're not supposed to have it, they wont", and a major plus...will use cloth diapers!!! I have to say all of my concerns have been dismissed, and other than the first trimester nausea I have been very lucky to have a very healthy pregnancy with the support of my friends/family so far. 

Just a few extras about my plans for pregnancy and raising my child: *Natural Birth *Breastfeeding for a minimum of 1.5 years *Co-sleeping *Baby wearing *Cloth Diapering

Some non pregnancy/baby related interests: *Music: Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Oi, etc. *My four rats-Switchblade Sally, Brassknuckle Betty, Be-Bop-A-Lula, and Bloody Mary *My pitbull/lab mix rescue puppy-Chaos Cash *Live Shows *Tattoos *Piercings *Tourist Traps *Photography *Graveyards *Downtowns

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